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This journey, based on a true story, follows the heroic young man of fifteen - Mohammed Ibn Al Kassim. 

In the seventh century A.D pirates pillage ships in search of riches and sin, but our protagonist Al Kassim seeks to end the pirates reign with his youthful energy, his excellence with the sword , but most importantly his idealistic naivety.  During one of his battles, he happened to save a young lady from the land of Sind - Princess Lobnah. It is the love story of "The Knight and The Princess".

Al Kassim faces many trials and tribulations in his search for justice. He angers the tyrant King Daher of the land of Sind. Daher is responsible for the pirates and the many injustices that Al Kassim wishes to eradicate. Additionally, he wishes to destroy Al Kassim as his sorcerer tells him of a prophecy regarding a young man named Mohammed that will invade the land of Sind and defeat Daher.  On the behest of his King Daher, the sorcerer attempts to control two funny yet mischievous jinn characters  in order to keep Al Kassim off the path of the land of Sind.


 The back and forth power struggle escalates into an epic encore of a war with battle-tested elephants, hundreds of horses, and the fight against good and evil.

The story is dramatized with an original score and 5 original songs.

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